We hope the following resources are helpful to you in your own work life. 


Damien Jourdan Talk

On April 6, 2018 we heard from Damien Jourdan, lead navigation engineer with X's Project Wing, Google's "moonshot" drone program. Damien spoke candidly about the challenges he has faced and how the notions of God and faith played a part in facing those challenges. You can find a transcript of the talk here. 


"Every Good Endeavor" by Timothy Keller

Called a masterpiece on the subject of work and faith, this book navigates subjects like

- The Purpose of Work

- The Design of Work

- The Dignity of Work

- The Problems of Work

- When work becomes fruitless, pointless or nihilistic

Keller then ends the book by plotting a course for integrating faith and work. We are currently forming groups for the purpose of reading and discussing the book, but also to provide a collegial, open and engaging atmosphere to discuss our challenges and questions with others. If you are interested in joining an "Every Good Endeavor" group, please email us at