"Every Good Endeavor" Groups

Purpose: To discuss the book “Every Good Endeavor”, by Timothy Keller, which has been called " . . . one of the most important contemporary books on faith and work." And also:

  • To discuss our challenges and questions in a collegial, open and engaging environment
  • To develop mutually-beneficial relationships for today’s competitive work landscape

Facilitator: The group will be facilitated by Jeff Smith, whom you may have met at the Forum. Jeff spent 25 years coaching and mentoring sales executives with 3M, and we’re excited that he will bring that experience and skill to facilitating this group.

Time and Location: Our preliminary thought is to meet in person once a month, at 7-8 am, on a weekday morning. In order to choose the day and location, please complete this brief questionnaire. Once we’ve heard from everyone interested, Jeff will follow-up with final details. If you have questions or would like to meet Jeff or talk with him further, please feel free to contact him at (385) 242-2702 or jeff@workfaith.business.

Or, if you would simply like to inquire further, about the group or the Forum, please fill out the form below. We only use your email for the purposes you specify, and we never share it with anyone. 


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